About Camey

Camey Liu is an aspiring young artist who is committed to painting, illustration, fashion design, digital art, graphic design, photography and 3D art since the age of three. Exploring the world of art by taking challenging AP courses in high school, unleashing creativity in Yearbook, and spread her love of art to the community by teaching young artists in her Hummingbird Non-profit Organization.

  • Produced artworks and have a portfolio book at the age of 13
  • Received full scholarship from Ryman Arts freshmen year
  • Many first and second place awards in Art
  • Artwork printed in Blick’s published book three times
  • AP 2D design, AP drawing and painting, and AP Studio Art 3D
  • Wall paintings, door painting and display in public halls
  • Yearbook Editor, Graphic designer (cover design, page design, logo/ T-shirt design), photographer
  • Will have her first personal art exhibition at the Nixon’s Library, California, donating art sell to the community and school in appreciation to her beloved teachers, family, and friends.
  • Actively engaged in community services. Camey has established her own foundation– The Hummingbird Organization to give back to the community and my high school.
  • Received Parsons and Teen Vogue Online Fashion design Program Certificate
  • Attended Parsons’s Summer Intensive Program
  • Established Art & Fashion Club, FIDM Fashion Club Publicity, French Club Publicity
  • High Academic Honor Achievements
  • Fashion design internship at ShangHai HuaXiang

Camey(Yue) Liu is a Chinese American young artist who is committed in painting, illustration, digital art, and fashion design.

Influenced by her family, Camey has developed her interests and unique taste of arts at a very young age. At age of 17, Camey will have her first personal art exhibition at the Nixon’s Library, California in appreciation to her family, friends, and community.

Camey has also actively engaged in community services. With the family’s support, she has established her own foundation to give back to the community and her high school.

Camey is creative and lovely young girl who demonstrate exceptional interpersonal skills and excel in her academic works. She is filled with kindness to people around her and have a generous heart towards the world she perceives.

Her art works well represent her inner beauty through the vivid colors and joyful contents.

Commented by Yang Li (Director at UCR IEP)

This bio was written by a third party person who sees great potential in this lovely young lady.